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Transfer Calls to Lync Common Area Phones from Exchange AA

January 11, 2012

Common area phones have been configured with internal extension numbers and you would like callers to be able to reach those phones using a speech enabled Exchange Automated Attendant.

Configuration Steps

The common area phones names should be easily pronounceable and the display number should be defined as the extension number; it’s the extension number that Exchange sends to Lync to complete the call. In this scenario, the common area phone is configured with:

  • LineURI = Tel:+2147772500;ext=8004
  • DisplayName = Dallas Space 8004
  • DisplayNumber = 8004

Next add a normalization rule to convert the extension numbers to the full line URI in the appropriate Global/Site/Pool level dial plans. In this scenario Exchange 2007 UM is used so the both the Global Dial plan, which handles calls inbound from the PSTN, and the Lync UM Dial plan which handles calls from Lync users, was modified. If you are not familiar with the how to configure the UM dial plan in Lync, please see this TechNet Article for further information. The normalization rule should look like this:

  • Match Pattern = ^(8\d{3})$
  • Translation Rule = +12147772500;ext=$1

For example, 8004 will be translated to +12147772500;ext=8004

Finally, to allow contact records for these phones to display the full telephone number, the address book entries need to be normalized by adding the following normalization rule to the Company_Phone_NumberNormalization_Rules.txt file:

  • (8\d{3})
  • +12147772500;ext=$1

To test the normalization rule, open a command prompt from the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Server\Core folder on your Lync front end server and enter:

Abserver.ext –testphonenorm #, where # is the number to test.

For more information about normalization of the address book for Lync, see this excellent article by Jeff Schertz.

Transfer from AA Audit Trail

For this scenario the test call was placed when the Common Area Phones was offline so we will expect to see a call routing error since the common area phone doesn’t have a corresponding voice mailbox.

A call is placed to the Exchange Automated Attendant and the name of Dallas Space 8004 is requested and the call is transferred from AA

Call Diagnostic in Lync showing the inbound call routed in from the AA

The contact record for this phone that matches the sip URI of the callee

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