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Transfer Calls to Lync Common Area Phones from Exchange AA

Common area phones have been configured with internal extension numbers and you would like callers to be able to reach those phones using a speech enabled Exchange Automated Attendant. Read more…

Lync Emergency 911 Calls by Location

Sometimes clients don’t need or aren’t ready to implement Enhanced 911 capabilities in Lync but still need to provide for calls to 911 from office locations. It is possible to configure Lync to handle 911 similar to how a PBX would handle these call. Emergency 911 calls placed from office locations where Lync Enterprise Voice has been implemented  will route out to the local PSAP with the main office phone number, but calls made to 911 from Lync outside the office will fail. Addistionally, this location based routing overrides a user’s assigned dial plan so when the travel to a different office locationa 911 calls will route based on their location. Read more…


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